Friday, January 6, 2012

Mustache Shower

I'm back! life has been so crazy lately, i was put on bed rest for a hot second before Christmas, then Christmas happened then we had some wonderful guests for New Years. and i'm TIRED and feeling a little under the weather lately, but anyway i'm back with some pictures from Zion's little man shower hosted by my SIL, MIL and some wonderful friends! 
Thank you to EVERYONE who came and loved on Zion we appreciate it so much, y'all are the best!!

This is a picture of the hubs as a kid...with a mustache :) 

 My sisters with our Mommas-Love them!

 All my wonderful friends-they are THE BEST! Love you girls!
p.s. boots are soo in this season...

All the fabulous hostesses :) 
the Momma's 


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

so adorable! so sad I missed :(

JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

LOVE it! What a cute shower idea and you have some crafty family! Great job!

A-town said...

LOVE the pictures!

Katie {katie lately} said...

What an adorable shower!!! Looks like you were very blessed :) Zach says "that is really cool"

MommaMindy said...
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MommaMindy said...

Blogger needs a comment editing feature.....:)

Makes me wish one of my friends was having a baby boy so I could throw a shower! It was wonderful.

I'm thankful you're surrounded by such loving women in your life, the most useful tool a new mother can have.


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