Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitchen Open Shelves

If you follow me on twitter you know we did a little kitchen update this weekend. and i am IN LOVE... The cabinet on the left of the stove was was breaking, the bottom shelf was falling down so we have been planning on putting up open shelves for a while. 
On Saturday we headed to Lowes and picked up a 2x12x10 piece of wood and we already had the 2x4s. The total for the wood costs $8 and we had everything else for the project (screws, drill, and we borrowed a router from our neighbor) so the whole thing was only $8.
And here are the after pics...

 Now i just need to convince the hubs that we need to do the same to this cabinet :)

Wouldn't it look so amazing to have open shelves on both sides of the window ;)


Katie {katie lately} said...

Love that!!! You're so tidy!

Katie {katie lately} said...

I tagged ou in my post today :)


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