Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guest bathroom update

I recently did a little updating in the guest bathroom. The shower curtain that was in there was given to me by my grandmother, and i LOVE it (and i may end up moving it to our bathroom upstairs once we finish our shower) but i wanted something darker in the guest bath since the walls are so bright. I'm still learning how to pick out paint colors :) 

My Mom and Aunt came up last week to help me get the house ready for Zion. My Mother scrubbed my shower and tub for multiple hours!! THANK YOU MOMMA! when they left i felt like a new woman with clean bathrooms, such a great feeling.
Anyway, my mom had to go pick up more cleaning supplies, i clearly do not clean enough and while she was out she picked up some towels for me, which started the whole bathroom redo. I needed them since we only had one set of towels for both bathrooms.

Here are the before pictures.

and after- the after pics are taken with my iphone i think that's why the wall color looks so bright but in real life it's more like the before pics.

So what do you think!? Do you like the new or old look?


Brittany said...

I really like the after with the splash or yellow and green. I'm also loving the white ceramic elephant. Adorable!!

Writingfor5 said...

LOVE the colors! Very fun, the elephant was a nice touch.


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