Friday, January 20, 2012

Craft/Guest Room Reveal!

The new Guest/craft room is finished! You can see the "Craft Room Evolution" here for before pics and below are after pics.
You can also read all about the makeover here, here and here.
 The hubs made the bed out of pallets and caster wheels. The bedspread is from Ikea i have had it since college.
Everything on the walls i got from other rooms in the house. 
i got that burlap sack at a garage sale and the hubs made a pallet frame for it. There is no glass all i did was staple the sack onto the back of the frame. 
There was a vent on the floor where i wanted to the trunk so i bought legs for it and lifted it off the ground i will do a "how to" post later. 

Below is my crafting/scrapbooking area. on the right was my inspiration pic.

 This is my sewing area. eventually i would like to make a long narrow desk with storage underneath but this works for now.

 here is the breakdown of the room cost

Fabric-$12-(i bought napkins from world market)
Touch up paint and brush-$7
Trunk legs -$20
Globe for the light- $6
Picture hanging wire- $3
Caster wheels for bed- $14
Sheets- $24
Lamp Shade- $16 (used a giftcard)
Desk- $25
Mattress- $150
Carpet- $120
Total= $381

I also sold a few thing around the house to help pay for it.
Green Desk- $80 
Hutch- $60 
Total= $200

Total paid for the room renovation= $181
The room is so much more functional now i am in there way more than i used to be because i Love the space now. it's definitely my favorite room in the house :)
What do you think??


Jordan said...

I read your blog and love all of your ideas! Where did you get that white cow head above the desk??

Laina said...

Hey Jordan, thanks! i got it from the thrift store for .50 cents :)

Katie {katie lately} said...

Looks awesome missy!!! I love every aspect of it :)


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