Sunday, July 31, 2011

What i can do with a little bit of energy

I haven't made a final decision on the mirrors yet, I'm leaning toward keeping the octagon and oval mirrors and leave a couple gold and paint the rest black. Maybe I'll get around to that this week or in a few months, who knows... But i did have a burst of energy this weekend and did a few makeovers.
Warning... this post is gonna be all over the place, i hope you can follow along :/
I had some energy this weekend so i starting working on all those little projects that have stacked up and i swore i would get to later, well this weekend was later.
Remember the trunk my dad found on the side of the road for me that i painted in this post.
Here is what the trunk looked like when my dad found it...
 then i painted it this army green color and threw my scrapbook stuff inside.
Well i fixed it up, reorganized my scrapbooking stuff and now it looks like this...
First i spray painted it in Rustoleums Heirloom White. 
Then i added some contact paper i had, originally from Target.
I also went a little crazy with Mod Podge and covered a hanging file box that i had, to put all my paper in one place.

I also put all my scrapbooking stickers and embelishments in this makeup bag i got a the thrift store for .50 cents.

I Mod Podged this old coffee can to put scrapbooking tools in.
I was really bad about getting before pictures this weekend please forgive me.
My sweet friend at work gave me this old light fixture that i turned into a tray.
the bottom was glass and it had a hole in the middle (used to be for the light.)
So i used Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper onto the front of the glass and hot glued the glass to the wood on the back to hold everything in place.
This old mail holder used to be wood with gold etching in it, and i brilliantly decided to spray paint it white, well it made the gold etching all weird looking so i added some Mod Podge and scrapbook paper to it and now it looks like this...
And the last thing i modge podged, not even sure if that's a word, was this sign,
it was really hard to take a picture of
here is the before picture.
I hung it up in our kitchen and tried to get a good picture but there is no light in this part of the room so it was a little bit of a challenge.
 The hubs helped me with the light issue

I also made a few new things for the shop this weekend these are jewelry/memo holders.
and i made these chalkboards,
Sadly this is the most crafting/decorating i've done in months. This growing a baby thing wears you out! I'm starting my 14th week so i'm hoping i start getting some energy back in a few weeks.
The dry wall and crib are up in the nursery so i've got a clean slate right now :) hopefully i can get working on that soon! 
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend i'll try to post more this week!


Matt and Lindsey Ellington said...

always such good ideas. especially love what you did with the old light fixture that you turned into a tray. i am gonna need some help when its time to do my decorating :)

L.Caroline said...

Love the trunk! Also- I have that same contact paper. :)


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