Friday, July 8, 2011

Master Closet Makeover...Finally!

BEWARE... this post has LOSTS of pictures :)
So i have been hinting at our Master closet makeover and we finally are close enough to done that i'm ready to share it with y'all! The only thing we are still hunting for is a light fixture..i'm looking for one today and i know exactly what i'm looking for so i'm hoping for some luck today!
Here are the semi-before pics...
Nasty Walls
 Plain Walls
We unloaded everything from the closet and this is what our bedroom looked like for a few weeks. 
We took down all the shelving, 

I can't remember how this magically, amazingly, wonderfully happened but the hubs found a GEM behind that dry wall!
Who covers this up!?!? 
  We fell in love :)

 We had some of Martha Stewarts Flagstone Grey paint leftover from my craft room.
So we used the rest of that for the closet.

 the hubs boss gave him some left over carpet from work.
it was beautiful...

 We took the old carpet up, laid out and cut out the new carpet from the old. Easy Peasy.

Paint and Carpet, DONE! 
They look so great together! 
and if you'll notice from this picture below...
there is no trim
So the hubs added some trim he had leftover in the shed...
 The trim "finished" the room.
 Then we searched and searched, and searched for a closet system, which are VERY expensive! We considered putting the white system back but after all that work we wanted it too look classic and we were looking for some wood shelves to match the accent wall and trim.
Here is how it went down..
we headed to Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes had a system that we loved but when we priced it out it came to about $400...if you haven't noticed before we don't have that kind of money to spend on closet system. And even if we did we would search for the cheapest option :)
So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond with out 20% off coupon and found the EXACT.SAME.SYSTEM for about $160 less!! 
So we got the whole closet system for $240 and we had some pieces left to use on the guest bedroom closet and we still have one of the long pieces left to use somewhere else. 
Here is the finished product. 
 When you see all our jammed clothes please take note that this is our ONLY closet this house doesn't have any coat closets. boo..and this is both our winter and summer clothes. Our next task is to pair down our clothes...well really just me :)

The hooks for our belts we had on hand, we repurposed them from the laundry room. So they were also free :) are you tired of hearing that? 
 We bought this metal shelf at Walmart for $60 and figured if we ever move we can take it with us. All the baskets we already had and just gathered from around the house.
and that little metal shelf for the hubs shoes we got at walmart for $20 with the same intentions.

 For the curtain i bought a drop cloth from Home Depot $10, the rod is a hiking stick that the hubs brought back from vermont for me when we were dating :) and to hold the rod up i bought those curtain tie backs for $5. 

So here's the project breakdown...
I know that we usually do things on the free side of cheap so this total may surprise you but it was WELL worth it!!
Awesome Accent Wall=FREE!
Curtain Rod=Free

Closet System=$240
Metal Shelving=$80
Curtain holders $5


A-town said...

pretty awesome

LaLaVerde said...

Incredible Alaina!!! I love it!


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